SACWISStatewide Automated Child Welfare Information System (Illinois)
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Past SACWIS endeavors have cost some states more than $100 million to implement, and in some cases have taken years to become operational.
SACWIS is a web-based system designed to help county caseworkers and managers with several functions including eligibility, case management and the administration of adoption, foster care and child protection cases.
States reported that they encountered some difficulties during SACWIS development, such as challenges receiving state funding and creating a system that reflected their work processes.
The SACWIS project, which developed and implemented the web-based statewide-automated child welfare information system, has been extended till 30 June 2009 under the amendment, while DRC continues to provide operational and management support, ongoing maintenance of SACWIS through the period till SACWIS is rolled out to all 88 Ohio counties.
In 2007, Ohio's $92 million SACWIS developed data issues that could have caused agencies to lose track of foster children.
While SACWIS has been an enormous success in its initial goal of promoting automation, it has not been consistently updated, and many child welfare agencies have struggled to keep up with the ever-changing technology environment.
Under terms of the agreement, the Xtria team will conduct site visits to the states to assess the progress of their SACWIS project, deliver training and technical assistance, and review the fully implemented system for adherence to all ninety federal SACWIS requirements.
This system allows us to be able to track perpetrators as they move from one county to another, where before counties only had access to their own systems," said Joan Denman, SACWIS project manager for Ohio's Office of Families and Children.
Please be advised that NAPCWA staff will contact states shortly to set up workgroups to gather information for the SACWIS and AFCARS comments letter.
Since its founding in 1975, MAXIMUS has supported over 60 major, statewide information technology consulting projects for Medicaid, family assistance, child welfare, child support, child care, financial, fleet management, and criminal justice information systems, including 16 SACWIS initiatives.
On the horizon is to fully integrate the interstate compact system with the state SACWIS system so that all interstate placement information will be generated and maintained in one location.
The photos are then wirelessly uploaded to the Florida's SACWIS to document each child's condition.