SADAASouth African Dog Agility Association (est. 2001)
SADAAScience Assistant to the Deputy Administrator (US EPA)
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Christy is the 2016 Class President of the SADAA Chapter at Community College of Rhode Island.
The Greenville Tech SADAA Chapters community outreach project this year was to raise money for Smile Train.
Establish and maintain contact with all SADAA Chapter Presidents and/or Advisors.
As a student on the council, you will help generate goals and ideas to grow student membership, ADAA membership, SADAA chapters and the organization itself.
While in my dental assisting program at Citrus College in Glendora, CA, I served as president of my local SADAA chapter, organizing meetings, fundraisers and promoting student involvement.
It's also a great way to network and learn what other SADAA chapters are doing and get ideas from other students.
For example, you can start SADAA chapters at your schools.
There are SADAA Chapters popping up around the country.
With SADAA chapters now forming across the count, I thought it would be a good chance for all of the members of the ADAA to get to see and hear what is going on at some of those chapters.
The dental assisting program at MTI was excited to open the school's first SADAA chapter.
This landmark decision to create SADAA, made at the 2011 House of Delegates during the Annual Session in Las Vegas, Nevada, brings opportunities to our student members that are, well, shall we say, the sky's the limit