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SADISMSoftware Architecture for a Device-Independent Sound Manager (Apple Computer)
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Buckels believes studies like these are important to show how prevalent these personality types really are and can be used to redefine how we think of sadism.
While bullying can spring from fear of competition from a subordinate or the need for a scapegoat to cover incompetence, often it's "a kind of low-grade sadism.
Chris Burden: Early Work" played these leitmotifs for all they're worth, and the result was a representational field as concretely public space where masochism and sadism were virtually indistinguishable.
The alarming scale of these abuses indicates that sadism is still riding high in the saddle, but the sadism practised in the contemporary Australian public sphere is qualitatively different from the old absolutism.
But as I began the research I realised that this myth was inseparably paired with another--the myth of male sadism; and together they form what I have termed the 'heterosexuality' of masochism and sadism.
James, 29 - who doctors say suffers a sexual sadism disorder - was branded a ``grave danger'' to all women after the assault at Rest Bay, Porthcawl.
More than honest, it's the image of a major artist courageously butting her head against the furtiveness and sadism of Stalinist and post-Stalinist bureaucracy.
A blistering satire of modern Hollywood, the novel is also a full-on ghost story: Pickett selects as his hiding place the remote estate of a once-famous silent film actress with a taste for sexual sadism (among other things), and it turns out she's still haunting the place along with a cabal of the ghosts of old movie stars.
One can't but wonder if there isn't a touch of sadism involved in investigating only those who can be put on the rack.
He attacks the sadism practiced toward captives in the civil wars as bestial rather than heroic and relates those extreme practices to the Stoic ideal of strenuous virtue and disdain for the body.
Hopkins imbues the intriguing ideas of the "new psychology" at the turn of the century with significance for black women by making use of these nascent theories in her exploration of racially motivated sexual sadism, by which I mean slavery's eroticization of cruelty.
Unfortunately, the Bible tells stories about this God, revealing in him some of the most unworthy human impulses and motives: favoritism, jealousy, anger, callousness, cruelty, even sadism.