SADRAIran Marine Industrial Company (Farsi)
SADRASouthern Alberta Drag Racing Association (Fort Macleod, AB, Canada)
SADRASouth Australian Deaf Recreation Association
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He noted that such problems as banking and customs formalities exposed to SADRA activities are now solved and financial sources can be extended to it more easily.
The oil tanker, which was ordered by Venezuela's state oil company (PDVSA), will be delivered by late September citing managing director of the company, said Salman Zarbi, the SADRA managing director.
In December 2011, the Japanese government sanctioned SADRA ("Iran Marine Industrial Company"), a sister company of ISOICO, as an entity that "could contribute to Iran's sensitive nuclear proliferation activities and development of nuclear weapons transport systems.
lt;p>The locals IOEC, ISOICO, SADRA and SAFF are the companies participating in the tender.
The platforms have made 60% progress while refineries of the phases are at least 80% complete, said Shabanpour, which mean SADRA is 20% behind the schedule.