SAF-TESCSI Access Fault-Tolerant Enclosure
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According to StorCase one of the main features of SAF-TE is that one board accommodates up to four channels - this enables customers to implement the board without having to sacrifice more than one SCSI ID per InfoStation.
SAF-TE was the predecessor to the SCSI Enclosure Services (SES) ANSI standard.
In addition to the standard features listed above, the 6022P-8R/6022P-8 includes a 2U form factor, six SCA hot-swap Ultra320 drive bays with SAF-TE, a 400W power supply, one slim CD-ROM, and one floppy drive.
Its hardware includes two MegaRAID Elite 1600 RAID controllers, two 68-pin UHD to VHDCI 1-meter cables and the StorTrends 1312-C subsystem that features two cluster enablers (series 437), 12 hot swap drive bays, fans and power supplies and SAF-TE enclosure management.
Specific product benefits and features include: support for heterogeneous environments -- AdminiStor Plus is compatible with Microsoft Windows NT, Windows 2000, Solaris (Sparc), and Linux operating systems; seamless integration with nStor storage solutions; local and/or remote access by system administrators; easy setup of any standard RAID configurations without interruption of server operations; full monitoring of component health via SES and SAF-TE industry standards; full Logical Unit Mapping (LUN) for easy storage allocation and partitioning; and a permanent database that provides means for tracking problem areas, balancing storage usage and scheduling routine maintenance.
In addition to its unique air-handling capabilities, the enclosure adds reliability with its redundant and hot-swappable disk drives, fans and power supplies with independent power cords, as well as built-in SAF-TE monitoring of all enclosure environmental elements.
The SAF-TE compliant enclosures offer monitoring and status of its fans, temperature, power supplies and drives.
Fault tolerance is also featured with SAF-TE for monitoring and communication of the status of enclosure power supplies, cooling fans and temperature as well as SMART ability performing near-term failure prediction of disk drives.
As a long-term vendor of RAID controllers and motherboards, AMI now offers custom IPMI, SAF-TE and Intel(R) motherboard compliant backplane designs.
Digi-Data Corporation, manufacturer of the world's fastest RAID controllers, announces the immediate availability of the A-SFT3312 SAF-TE Enclosure Management Module.
The company is utilizing its expertise to develop products for emerging standards such as Fibre Channel and Ultra3, as well as, SAF-TE, SES, and IPMI enclosure management solutions.
Fault Tolerance features include automatic detection of failed drives; automatic and transparent rebuild of failed drives; online RAID capacity expansion; hot spare and hot swap drive support; RAID configuration stored on both disk and in non-volatile RAM; SMART-capable drive support and SAF-TE enclosure management.