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SAFADSmall Arms for Air Defense (also seen as SAAD)
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Brigadier General Hamid Mohammed Humaid Al-Yamahi, director general of police operations at Al Fujairah Police, said they received a call that two people travelling in the mountains of Safad had got stuck.
The show will be staged at SAFAD Theatre in USC - Talamban campus at 7 PM.
Born in Safad, Palestine, Khoury founded Consolidated Contractors International Company (CCC) in 1952, one of the first Arab construction companies.
Occupied Jerusalem, SANA, The Israeli army on Saturday night transported a terrorist, who was severely wounded while fighting in Syria, to Ziv Hospital in Safad to receive medical treatment.
As a Palestinian born in Safad in 1946,1 lived in a refugee camp and suffered immensely from material shortages.
Safad also highlighted the program's new approaches that aim to create new job opportunities for youth in different fields.
Then they entered an apartment building, killed a couple and their four-year-old-sun, and finally took more than 100 hostages from a high school in Safad who were on a field trip after spending the night on Ma'alot.
Talking about Safad is a personal position and does not mean giving up the right of return", he told Al-Hayatt.
For those who still intend to "liberate Palestine from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea," President Mahmoud Abbas's statements about Safad and not residing there is a crime.
She requests the Government of Israel to do all it can to preserve the health of Mr Al-Barq and Mr Safad in its continued handling of their respective cases.