SAFCOLSouth African Forestry Company Limited
SAFCOLSouth Australian Fishermen's Co-operative Limited
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Of the respondents, 88% said that they would choose SAFCOL for its health benefits.
SAFCOL provides a mouthwatering seafood experience with flavors like Light tuna with Oven Dried Tomato and Basil, Salmon Mediterranean Style, Chargrilled Salmon with Cajun Spice, and many more.
SAFCOL provides a convenience like never before with ready-to-eat, flavored tuna and salmon.
Perfect for everything from a sandwich to a gourmet dish, SAFCOL has something for every taste palate and every kind of dining experience.
I am always running around so I am so glad I found SAFCOL's line," says Jaclyn Smith, SAFCOL fan.
With the brand's packs and cans that do not need to be refrigerated, SAFCOL adds a new level of convenience to the "fast food" market.
Having a demanding schedule usually takes a toll on a healthy diet," says Jack Tan, CEO of SAFCOL.