SAFGSouth Asian Federation Games
SAFGScandinavian American Foundation of Georgia (Decatur, GA)
SAFGStupid and Futile Gesture
SAFGSwenson Anderson Financial Group (Minneapolis, MN)
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The Payment Date will be promptly following the Expiration Date and is expected to be on or about March 19, 2013 for the Dollar Debentures and SAFG Securities and on or about March 20, 2013 for the Sterling and Euro Debentures.
Following consummation of the tender offer for the SAFG Securities, SAFG will cause the trusts to be dissolved and the SAFG Debentures to be distributed to the holders of their capital securities.
The ratings also reflect the emerging synergies under the recently established SAFG structure, which helped create enhanced opportunities for product development and distribution capabilities among the individual entities through shared resources, which A.