SAFIRESouthern Alliance for Indigenous Resources (Zimbabwe)
SAFIRESurface-to-Air Fire
SAFIRESpectroscopy of the Atmosphere Using Far-Infrared Emission
SAFIRESubmillimeter and Far-Infrared Experiment
SAFIREState Automated FISMA Reporting Environment
SAFIREShipboard Airborne Forward-Looking Infra-Red Equipment (US Navy)
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Safire views such anger as admirable, finding in Job's rebelliousness, however short-lived, a spirit embodied in the modern world by Martin Luther King Jr.
Counter- Surface-to-Air Fire (C-SAFIRE) capability is required on EU-led military operations in order to prevent the threat or use of SAFIRE being a risk to mission success, excessively constraining air assets (fixed wing and rotary) freedom of action, or imposing avoidable costs or casualties.
The new Safire 3 real-time chroma keyer is ideal for all live virtual productions from studio to sport.
He was to stay there throughout Nixon's first term in office, but, shortly into his second term, Safire took up an offer from the New York Times as a columnist, becoming a spokesman and champion for conservative America in a newspaper generally noted for its liberal traditions.
Both the RDAF and PAF will use the Star SAFIRE II for search-and-rescue missions.
Last week, Safire discussed the now-infamous "Phoenix FBI memo" of July 2001 about Muslims with al-Qaida connections in American flight schools.
This is much more than merely a desire for greater efficiency or to protect us from suicide bombers, reflects Safire.
Those were the days in which sustained uproar from Safire or Lewis or kindred commentators would have made a difference.
Times columnist William Safire went much further, asserting in a Dec.
Journalists Safire and Smith worry about our privacy in this Computer Age for good reasons.