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SAFRASingapore Armed Forces Reservist Association
SAFRASociété Albigeoise de Fabrication et Réparation Automobile (Albi, France)
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Tabela 1 - Eficiencia energetica (EE) em sistemas de producao de milho convencional e organico no Extremo Oeste Catarinense-safra 2011/12; e EE estimada para a safra 2010/11.
No Rio Grande do Sul, Souza e Fochesato (2007) concluiram que podas verdes efetuadas na 'Niagara Branca', em novembro, possibilitaram uma segunda safra entre marco e abril, sendo uma alternativa de ampliacao do periodo de oferta do produto.
Safra Holding AG to 'A-/A-2' and Banque Safra-Luxembourg to 'A/A-1', and removing the ratings from CreditWatch positive.
Mohammed Saleh scored a hat-trick and guided Safra to a 3-0 victory over Isa Town in the first leg of the semi-finals at Hamad Town Youth Centre grounds.
If approved the deal will mean that IDB Holding Corp is the controlling shareholder in Cellcom, although the Safra family has first refusal rights to buy BellSouth's stake.
The Safra Group concluded the negotiations to acquire 46.
In the second match, the goal keeper of Safra team, Hamad Dasas, managed to save the team from Jurdab during the penalties after the match ended with a score of 3-3 goals.
Switzerland-based private banking group, J Safra Sarasin, has announced a plan to purchase units from Credit Suisse (NYSE: CS) in Monaco and Gibraltar.
The Safra Group refers to an international network of companies, businesses and operations controlled by Joseph Safra.
The Safra international banking group was founded in Aleppo in the 19th century and acquired Switzerland's Bank Sarasin 2012.
2) safra national service association total price: Loading13,090.
New York City-based nationally chartered bank Safra National Bank of New York has agreed to acquire New York City-based banking services provider Bank Hapoalim's private banking business in Miami, the company said.