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SAFTSimple Asynchronous File Transfer
SAFTSafety, Awareness, Facts and Tools (Internet safety project)
SAFTStatistical Associating Fluid Theory
SAFTShear Adhesion Failure Temperature (adhesive properties)
SAFTSynthetic Aperture Focusing Technique
SAFTStore-and-Forward Transport (mobile networking)
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Proponents of the SAFT model believe that there is a strong argument that the now fully functional utility tokens are not securities and thus not subject to SEC regulation.
In May this year, Apicorp was mandated the sole arranger by SAFT for a $110 million term loan facility, consisting of two tranches, to finance the phased development of the Project.
The SAFT consortium is led by the Norwegian Media Authority.
The sale of SAFT will allow Paris, France-based Alcatel to focus on its core business, the development and deployment of telecommunications systems and services.
Currently we use elements of the type SAFT SRM56P with ref.
Aero Vodochodys ULM batteries are manufactured in Safts Bordeaux factory in the South West of France.
DCPower4C selected Safts latest Li-ion technology for its unparalleled operating life and exceptional performance stability when used under permanent charge or frequent charge/discharge cycles.
Safts battery systems will help to take yacht design to the next level by supporting silent propulsion and emission-free operations in port.
This order for the Sprinter New Generation NS trains was Safts biggest order in Spains railway sector for 2015 and further reinforces Safts long-standing relationship with CAF who are already the largest customer for our Spanish subsidiary, says Glen Bowling, Transportation, Telecom & Grid Group Senior VP Sales at Saft.
The Synerion modules are based on Safts Li-ion Super-Iron Phosphate (SLFP) chemistry that ensures increased safety, light weight and compact size, high efficiency, long calendar and cycling life, fast-charging capability and high power output both continuous and in pulses.
Benning of Belgium, the power systems supplier for the project, highlighted that Safts maintenance-free Uptimax was the only type of battery that would meet E.
The Chairman & Chief Executive of Total Patrick Pouyann disclosed, Safts renowned technological know-how and unique expertise have allowed it to develop innovative and competitive solutions for its clients.