SAFWCOSindh Agricultural and Forestry Workers Coordinating Organization (Pakistan)
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SAFWCO MicroFinance Programme is a part of agriculture and economic development sector (SAFWCO Annual Report, 2005).
SAFWCO has recently initiated a quarterly monitoring system on sample basis, which is described as follows:
Others who spoke on the ocassion includes Suleman Abro of SAFWCO, Advocate ALtaf Chnadio, Dr.
Mohammad Saffar Mirjat, Acting Vice Chancellor Sindh Agriculture University, Scott Hocklender, Director, Agri Economic Growth, USAID, Ghani Khan, Project Management Specialist, USAID, Saqib, Project Management Specialist, USAID, Mian Saleem, President Chili Grower Association, representative from SAFWCO, Ghulam Mustafa Ujjan, Director NARA Canal, Abdul Majid Khan, Value Chain Lead and Regional Coordinator, USAID.