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SAGSScottish Allotments and Gardens Society (UK)
SAGSSage Sparrow (bird species Amphispiza belli)
SAGSSt. Anne Grade School (Illinois)
SAGSSelf-Aligning Guide Shoe
SAGSSummer-Active Ground Squirrel
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Induction motor is very sensitive to sags voltage disturbances, but also it can produce them as a consequence of severe start current.
Fast Evaluation Methods for Voltage Sags in Ship Electrical Power Systems.
Sag velocity and sag volume are given by the following equations:
The process for creating the natural sag configuration required removing the board supports and letting the flexible duct sag over the 1.
Eighteen is the legal age for adulthood, so it should be an adult thing, not an adolescent one," sags the ninth-grader at St.
A steel ruler was attached to the front of the wooden stand so that the amount of sag at the center of the sheet (i.
In addition to surges and sags, many other power quality problems exist that can damage or degrade computer systems: swells, impulse transients, undervoltage, outages, noise, and harmonics -- which are a type of voltage / current waveform distortion.
The real sags not consider a pattern easy to identify, they have different features of waveform, duration and depth.
Structures form after application to reduce flow and also modify viscosity-temperature behavior to prevent sag in the oven.
Back in 2001, the manufacturer ordered a 5-MVA PureWave DVR to protect a critical portion of the facility from the voltage sags they were experiencing on the utility source.
We intend to use the demonstration site to allow European customers to understand firsthand the full value of this new technology for protection against voltage sags for their specific manufacturing operations.
amp;uot;Following an in-depth analysis of SMES, we believe that this product can significantly help increase our productivity and reliability by providing protection from voltage sags.