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SAHARASocial Aspects of HIV/AIDS Research Alliance
SAHARASouth Asian Helpline and Referral Agency (Artesia, CA)
SAHARASociety for Scientific Advancement of Hills & Rural Areas
SAHARASafety as High as Reasonably Achievable (nuclear safety principle)
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In the Sahara, near the city of Ain Sefra, snow fell for a third time since 2016.
The market regulator said Sahara had not paid money to all the investors, while the latter claimed they had almost paid more than 75 per cent of the money.
Yet Morocco has been allowed to continue illegally occupying Western Sahara for over four decades.
Sahara Life's last reported policyholders' liability was INR9bn, which is less than 1.
From our holistic philosophy that has inspired each Sahara Tea recipe to our hand blending technique that takes place in Toronto, a cup of Sahara Tea holds a touch of beauty in every drop.
El Aiun, como otras ciudades saharauis son disputadas por Marruecos desde hace dos decadas y en conmemoracion de este hecho el pasado 3 de marzo, Mexico recibio la visita de un importante ministro saharaui, Ornar Manzur, exembajador en Mexico y ahora, representante del Sahara para America Latina.
The crisis- hit group alleged that Mirach and its CEO Saransh Sharma's criminal conduct and lack of financial capabilities to honour such huge commitments led to the breaking down of its deal, leading to precious loss of time, resources and position of Sahara.
Al Thuriah, a leading service provider to the real estate and construction industry, recently announced that the Sahara 3 Tower will be completed ahead of schedule and be ready for occupancy by residents, before the end of 2014.
Al Thuriah has announced two major milestones - the Sahara 3 Tower will be completed ahead of schedule and ready for occupancy by residents, before the end of 2014; and the company is to build two more high-rise residential towers Sahara 4 and Sahara 5.
Summary: Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohamed Salem Ould Salek requested from the government of New Zealand to bring to an end the import to New Zealand of phosphate from occupied Western Sahara, in a letter addressed Thursday to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of New Zealand, Mr.
OIL firms stepping up plans to drill off the coast of disputed Western Sahara could be diving into murky legal waters and risk exacerbating one of Africa's oldest territorial disputes.
Saudi Arabia's Sahara Petrochemical and Saudi International Petrochemical Company (Sipchem) hope to complete a share-swap merger in the first half of 2014 that would create a firm valued around $5 billion, reports Reuters.