SAHFStore (double register) AH into Flags
SAHFSouth Asian Health Foundation (UK)
SAHFSalvadoran American Humanitarian Foundation (Miami, FL)
SAHFstay-at-home father
SAHFSaskatchewan Agricultural Hall of Fame (Canada)
SAHFScandinavian-American Hall of Fame
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Through this partnership, Skyline will finance, develop, operate, and maintain solar electric (PV) and solar water heating systems for SAHF member properties.
Launched in 2003, SAHF has 12 sophisticated nonprofit members who acquire, preserve and are committed to long-term, sustainable ownership and continued affordability of multifamily rental properties for low-income families, seniors and disabled individuals.
The license allows SAHF twenty years to explore and produce hydrocarbons with a renewal option of ten more years.
The Company recently announced on August 18th, 2011 the receipt of a Government Note (Resolution Number 07/11) from REMSA (Mining and Energy Resources Company), a state-owned Salta Company, notifying the approval of the Assignment of the Valle de Lerma Concession to SAHF and Grasta Petroleo, an Argentine local Refinery.
SAHF was launched in 2003 around the notion that national not-for-profit preservation entities have policy and transactional issues and opportunities that differ materially from those faced by exclusively local not-for-profit or for-profit owners of affordable housing.
Project Substance and HIV Free, "Project SAHF," Oakland -- $102,272 for one year.