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SAHRDC filed a complaint with the Indian National Human Rights Commission regarding the involuntary repatriation of the Jumma refugees in 1994.
Chakraborty; senior superintendent of police, to the Jumma refugee camps from 24 to 28 May 1996 to investigate the allegations of the SAHRDC.
In a complaint on 7 March 1997, SAHRDC drew the attention of the NHRC to the situation of duress brought upon the refugees.
After receiving numerous complaints to this effect, SAHRDC conducted a study of the conditions of refugees protected by the UNHCR in New Delhi.
The SAHRDC also investigated the UNHCR's internal monitoring mechanism and scrutinized the accessibility of the UNHCR, paying particular attention to vulnerable groups such as women and children.
SAHRDC found that UNHCR's New Delhi office has become a fortress.
SAHRDC made recommendations to improve the conditions of the refugees and the report was forwarded to both the New Delhi Office of UNHCR and its headquarters in Geneva.
Moreover, SAHRDC has yet to receive a reply from UNHCR's office in New Delhi or Geneva for its report on The State of Refugees under the Protection of UNHCR in New Delhi.
SAHRDC is aware that in comparison to the refugees in camps in other parts of the world, the local office of UNHCR may feel that those in Delhi are well off.
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