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SAIPASociete Anonyme Iranienne De Production Automobile
SAIPASouthern Alberta Individualized Planning Association (Canada)
SAIPASouth African Institute of Professional Accountants
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SAIPA sells several versions of the Pride, the cheapest car available in the local market.
It is to be produced at Kashan SAIPA, a new subsidiary of the company, which will have a production capacity of 200,000 units per annum.
According to earlier reports, the first low-quality vehicle to be canceled will be the South Korean-designed Kia Pride, produced for more than two decades by SAIPA.
As it is one of the main parts suppliers, both IKCO and SAIPA faced a lack of several parts and the production of several models was delayed.
Earlier in April, the managing director of SAIPA dismissed public comments by the ISQI chief about outdated cars and the need to ban their production--a call often made by independent auto experts and environmentalists.
Peugeot and Renault have moved swiftly to sign new production deals to upgrade their pre-sanctions partnerships with Iran Khodro and SAIPA, Iran's two dominant automakers.
Certain Iranian car-manufacturing companies including Iran Khodro, SAIPA, Sarv Sanate Sepahan (SSS) and SAIPA YAdak have attended the event which will run to July 7th.
While Iran Khodro's joint venture with Renault has been sealed, SAIPA, Iran's second largest auto manufacturer, has also been negotiating with the French company.
The assembly lilne is aimed at production of SAIPA 132 which will be manufactured under the name Emesa which is the ancient name for Homs.
ena Samand * Peugeot 405 * Peugeot Pars * Tiba 2 hatchback * SAIPA 111 * SAIPA 132 * 57,143 and < SAIPA 131 (SAIPA) * SAIPA 131 (Pars Khodro) * Tiba Sedan *
Kia also has had a partnership with Iranian firm SAIPA Corp.