SALBSecond Administrative Level Boundaries (data set project; UN)
SALBSouth American Leaf Blight (fungal disease)
SALBSouth African Labour Bulletin (bi-monthly journal)
SALBSouth African Library for the Blind (Grahamstown, South Africa)
SALBSan Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind (Texas)
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And in the P2P network using the SALB policy, because of the overload threshold it set is the average value of the neighbor nodes, so the number of nodes in the low load area is larger, but the available bandwidth of those nodes with a strong ability is to be wasted in this way.
When the number of nodes exceeds 1500, LBRM and SALB are basically reached a stable state, but the quality of SQS hasn't been improved too much yet, because it doesn't consider the emergency of the request and the receiver's bandwidth.
The SALB provides protection similar to that of the GLWB while adding flexibility with the various types of assets that can be protected.
The SALB simply adds a guarantee on top of assets that the investor owns directly, unlike VA subaccounts," according to the paper.
The SALB design is also highly complementary to the fee-only RIA business model, providing advisors with an open architecture marketplace of mutual funds and ETFs and control over management of the guaranteed assets.
Los cuatro microsatelites evaluados permitieron la amplificacion de fragmentos de ADN del mismo tamano y representando el mismo numero de alelos tanto del tejido proveniente de las plantas con lesiones de SALB, como con el de la planta sana utilizada como patron de referencia para la identificacion del clon FX3864.
Again, this finding is not very surprising, since LTC (and its incentive effects) are not included in SALB.
From the pay-performance perspective, the difference between TCOMP and SALB, i.
The SALB was founded by Turner and Webster among others in Durban in 1974 (see Webster 2004) and it continues to this day.
SALB is an Ontario Mental Health Foundation Intermediate Investigator and a Canadian Institutes of Health Research New Investigator.
SALB was never conceived of as a mere academic exercise.