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SALICSouth Australian Land Information Council
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The victims recalled that Salic even asked his Maute Group cohorts to serve them coffee and to guard them well so they would not be able to escape.
The freed workers identified Salic as among their captors.
According to the studies by Ebrahimi [4], Rezaiinejad [14], and Golzari [7] on pistachio cultivation soils in Kerman Province, they showed that salinity is one of the major factors resulting in reducing pistachio growth and yield, and Salic horizon is separated in physiographies of flood plains, low lands and playa.
Midhat Salic, Assistant Minister for Foreign Trade, Pakistans Ambassador to Bosnia Mr.
Guevarra, Adrian Bataan, Steve John Salic, Joel Cruz and Ryan Al Aman.
What if the Salic law preventing female succession to German thrones had not applied in 1837 and Victoria had become Queen of Hanover as well as Great Britain?
Under Salic Law, women were debarred from the line of succession, but the situation was not clear-cut, for the king of France had always been a Catholic and Henry of Navarre was a Huguenot.
But untimely deaths, barren spouses, and the Salic law that excluded women from the throne all took their toll.
After the death in 1584 of Francois de Valois, brother of Henri III and heir to the throne, following the dictates of the Salic law the king designated as his successor the Protestant Henri of Navarre.
The group claim that Peace's sister transferred some of her shares to a company called Salic Inc, who then sold on shares to the Baggies chairman.
She sets out to describe the cultural, ideological, and political contexts of Labe's life and work, and thoroughly enlightens the reader on the origins and background of French early-modern women's writings, from the Salic Law to the influence of the court, to Neoplatonism and Petrarchism.
In an age when, in accordance with Salic law, women had no right in France to occupy the throne, it is perhaps ironic, but not surprising, that between 1560 and 1793 there were four regencies and proposals for a fifth (Marie-Antoinette).