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SALWSmall Arms and Light Weapons
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The Deputy Ministers fully committed to elaborate on a Roadmap on SALW for the Western Balkans, under the auspices of SEESAC and the Federal Republic of Germany, preparing it for adoption at the upcoming Western Balkans Summit within the Berlin Process due in London later this year.
In this respect, SALW contribute to the continued proliferation of terrorist and criminal elements, by acting as the enablers of violence.
37) In sum, Australia succeeded in prompting and driving Council action on one issue (MH17) and widened and deepened Council engagement on SALW and police in peacekeeping.
The agreements aim to enhance the capacity of Kyrgyzstan for more effective SALW and CA management and control in a number of priority areas, including automated management, record-keeping and tracing.
The proliferation of SALW in the hands of the minorities that supported Al-Qaddafi also needs to receive special attention through DDRR.
For example, a carryover law from the British Colonial regime continues to prohibit the manufacture of SALW in Ghana.
That's because the Economic Community of West African States, or Ecowas -- Nigeria is a member -- has taken steps to curtail the proliferation of SALW in the region.
SALW are defined by international law as all arms which can be used by one person alone, and include handguns, shotguns, machine guns, hand grenades and rocket-propelled grenades, among other weapons
Key words: Small arms, light weapons, SALW, internal instability, insecurity, Pakistan
Based on the analysis that the demand for SALW is a phenomenon that occurs at the community level, it can be argued that a response to the demand of SALW must also --at least in part--be targeted at that level.
Production, import, export, transit and transfer of all weapons, including SALW, is strictly regulated under law.