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SALWSmall Arms and Light Weapons
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The agreements aim to enhance the capacity of Kyrgyzstan for more effective SALW and CA management and control in a number of priority areas, including automated management, record-keeping and tracing.
The global SALW Market is expected to register growth with a CAGR of 2.
The UN Register of Conventional Arms was established in 1991 to attempt some transparency over international trade in major weapons systems, but it did not include (and still does not) provision for SALW to be included in the same manner as the seven other categories of weaponry.
The proliferation of SALW in the hands of the minorities that supported Al-Qaddafi also needs to receive special attention through DDRR.
That's because the Economic Community of West African States, or Ecowas -- Nigeria is a member -- has taken steps to curtail the proliferation of SALW in the region.
SALW are defined by international law as all arms which can be used by one person alone, and include handguns, shotguns, machine guns, hand grenades and rocket-propelled grenades, among other weapons
Based on the analysis that the demand for SALW is a phenomenon that occurs at the community level, it can be argued that a response to the demand of SALW must also --at least in part--be targeted at that level.
A very well defined and effective national system of export, import or authorisation of SALW exists in the country.
As a result of the SALW's damaging impact, substantively regulating SALW has been exhaustively examined in international and regional venues, most notably a 2001 United Nations Plan of Action to "prevent, combat and eradicate" the illicit trade of SALW as there is no comprehensive international accord to regulate such sales.
In particular, ECOSAP was tasked with collaborating with national SALW commissions to enhance their ability to counter the proliferation and misuse of these weapons.
Work is continuing at the United Nations to limit the availability of SALW but progress is only very slow.