SAM1Sperm Adhesion Molecule 1 (andrology)
SAM1Semi-Ab Initio Model 1
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All formulations containing SAM1 either had no sedimentation or had sedimentation which could easily be redispersed with low agitation after the duration of the shelf stability testing.
The water-based acrylic and polyurethane coatings showed bioefficacy at lower loadings of SAM1 compared to the solvent-based polyurethane and polyester-melamine coatings (the 2K solvent-based polyurethane did not show efficacy at any level tested but the 10% data point is included to illustrate the relationship with properties tested).
g] (or higher crosslink density) results in lower migration rates of silver ions to the target organisms, requiring higher levels of SAM1 to show bioefficacy.
Silver-based antimicrobial SAM1 has shown efficacy in a variety of model coating systems including in water-based 2K based polyurethane, in water-based clear and pigmented acrylics, and in solvent-based polyester-melamine coating.