SAMEASouth African Monitoring and Evaluation Association (est. 2005)
SAMEASouth Asia, Middle East, Africa
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Este trabajo utiliza una SAMEA para la region del Biobio desarrollada por Mardones y Saavedra (2011), la cual se complementa con otras fuentes
Es muy importante conocer como politicas publicas o shocks podrian afectar el crecimiento economico y el medioambiente, es por eso que se recurre a los analisis de multiplicadores con una SAMEA, los cuales dan cuenta del efecto que tienen los shocks externos sobre la economia y el medioambiente.
Se presentan a continuacion los principales resultados, a partir de la obtencion de la SAMEA que desagrega el sector forestal para la region del Biobio (ver Apendice B) y la calibracion de un modelo lineal multisectorial que permitio modelar shocks de demanda sobre cada uno de los subsectores forestales analizados.
Division de la SAMEA en cuentas endogenas y exogenas SAMEA SAM Cuentas Cuentas endogenas exogenas S Cuentas endogenas N x A M Cuentas exogenas L r Total [y.
Keywords Per capita environmental impact * Atmospheric emissions * Water resource * SAMEA
Then, we will use a SAMEA (Social Accounting Matrix and Environmental Accounts) that contains economic and environmental information.
A SAMEA is composed by an economic part, the SAM, which it is an extension of the Input-output table where we add the disintegrated structure of spending and national income, and an environmental part that is made of different environmental accounts (water resource accounts, water pollution accounts and atmospheric emissions accounts).
And I know that many of the evaluations that are being showcased at SAMEA demonstrate that impact.
But what is so impressive about SAMEA is the partnership it demonstrates between academia, the private sector, and government all determined that M&E should make a difference, and improve people s lives.
And all of us need a strong SAMEA that is able to take forward the interests of the discipline to improve its professionalism, and to increase its use and impact.
About MasterCard Worldwide Index of Consumer Confidence The MasterCard Worldwide Index of Consumer Confidence is the only one of its kind in the SAMEA region and has been conducted on a bi-annual basis since 2004.