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SAMESSouth African Micro Electronic Systems
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But those patients that are primarily served by a mail-order pharmacy will, in all likelihood, not have the same opportunity for the face-to-face interaction that provides some of the best training.
For Freud, there are four basic interconnected determinants that characterize the desired object: on one axis is the distinction between self (subject) and other (object), and on the other axis, the polarities of same and different (where sameness and difference are defined in terms of biological sex).
In 2007, when the daily average trap capture was over 4, the number of moths collected by traps stayed at same level (Figure 5).
On the same date, large rock used to smash front living room window of house.
To obtain good appearance over horizontal and vertical surfaces with the same spray application, an optimized balance of sag resistance and flow/leveling is needed.
635+, Bit rimki); Sames dayyan same u erseti bel elati u saplati nur ill (Borger 1967: 9, lines 86-87, third "house" of Bit rimki).
If these sames oranges were exported to the European Union, siRNA would be undetectable in tests regardless of the trans-graft, but under EU legislation they would be classified and labeled as genetically engineered.
Sames, Senior Vice President Strategic Research and Development, Germanischer Lloyds said, "LNG is cheap but abundant than petroleum.
Tiseng Group Abdulla A Al Turnkey Trading Est, agents for Tiseng Group, showcased their coating lines and testing equipment and introduced their new products InoBell, a high-performance bell sprayer, and Sraymium, a lightweight paint gun, both from Sames of France.
Some girls were paired with laotongs, 'old sames,' in emotional matches that lasted throughout their lives.
CBRE says 179,200 sq ft has already been transacted in the first half of 2009, only 4% down on the sames period last year and highlightsing the city's resilience following a hugely successful year as European Capital of Culture.