SAMHSubstance Abuse and Mental Health
SAMHScottish Association for Mental Health (UK)
SAMHSingapore Association for Mental Health (est. 1968)
SAMHSociety of Ancient Military Historians
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Kirsty Tindal, Co-President of the Chemistry Society, said: SAMH is a fantastic and proactive charity in which Chemistry Society were so pleased to have raised money for.
It's clear that people from all over suffer with mental health, so it was nice to see people from Monklands turn out to help us raise funds to support SAMH.
He added: "I work closely with SAMH and think they perform an excellent job.
Billy Watson, SAMH chief executive, said: "Half of all mental health problems in adulthood start by mid-teens and threequarters by mid-20s, so it's crucial we place young people at the heart of finding solutions to improve services now and for generations to come.
El resto, que es un 55% detalla al SAMH quien esta involucrado y posee algunos instrumentos que miden la efectividad y con ello la credibilidad en relacion a las terminales de embarque de Occidente.
Mount Carmel defeated SAMH 'A' 4-3, which included Nick Crombie's first defeat in 11 games at the hands of Ritchie Arbuthnot.
Our results show that youth who receive SAMH treatment have lower probabilities of being detained for any offence.
Anne addeed:"We're delighted to raise the money for SAMH.
SAMH A however will be disappointed by their 5-2 loss to Thingwall Recs despite a fantastic 50 break from ever-improving Nick Crombie.
You can also call SAMH for advice on mental health on 0141 530 1000 or visit the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) at www.
I chose to try to help other people through raising funds and awareness for SAMH.