SAMSOSpace And Missile Systems Organization
SAMSOSaudi Aramco Medical Services Organization (Saudi Arabia)
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Take the two islands of Bornholm and Samso, for instance.
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See generally Walsh, supra note 118 (examining self-sufficient, community-run Samso Island wind farm).
Inspired by the renewable energy island of Samso in Denmark, landscape architects and environmental scientists explore physical environments that provide energy for human use.
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SAMSO provides medical care for all Saudi Aramco employees and their dependents: spouses, children, and parents.
Reinforcing his strong belief in the role of program manager, Phillips, as SAMSO Commander, supported his program managers unfailingly.
Gussing in Austria, Rizhao in China, the Danish island of Samso, and several other communities--from small villages to larger cities--have begun or achieved renewable energy transformations.
Among the topics are the next west, coyote commons, Glacier National Park, water in the Rockies as a zero-sum game, life among the pine beetles, what Colorado can learn from the Samso experiments, the changing rules of energy finance, homegrown security, and green city leadership.