SAMSOSpace And Missile Systems Organization
SAMSOSaudi Aramco Medical Services Organization (Saudi Arabia)
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Because of the geographical distances involved, cultural issues and the overall scope of the challenge, SAMSO sought expert guidance from the American College of Physician Executives (ACPE).
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The 4,400 residents of Samso, a small Danish island off the east coast of the Jutland Peninsula, have undertaken an ambitious environmental project to become independent of fossil fuels and live off renewable energy sources.
Samso (GK), Armando Godoy, Gropp, Manah, de Almeida, Lasheras.
Born in 1947 on a farm on the Danish island of Samso (also the home of the celebrated Danish poet Thorkild Bjornvig), Vibeke Gronfeldt made her literary debut in 1976 with the novel Din tovshed er min skrift pa vaeggen (Your Silence is My Writing on the Wall) but now identifies her first three books as fledging work.
They work, like the best of their compatriots, within the Modernist canon; and in their deployment of pure form and surface, Sunyer and Badia acknowledge the influence of Ando and Shinohara, Souto de Moura, and fellow Catalans such as Eduard Samso.
The establishment of the Kanhave canal across Samso around AD 726 and the construction of the circular fortress of Aggersborg on the Limfjord at the end of the 10th century AD bear witness to a large-scale and well-organized effort, over a long period, to secure military control over sea-routes in inner Danish waters.
Hammarby Sjostad in Sweden, Samso in Denmark and Vauban in Germany are models of low-carbon community.
Factors Influencing the Development of Local Renewable Energy Strategies: The Cases of Lolland and Samso Islands in Denmark.
The key to success, Monsen said, was the collaboration between SAMSO and the IT Future Center, which provided facilities for the avatar game to be developed and tested.