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SAMSONSolar and Meteorological Surface Observation Network
SAMSONSpecial Avionics Mission Strap-on-Now (avionics pod; Lockheed Martin)
SAMSONSimulation and Modeling Supporting Operational Needs
SAMSONStrategic Automatic Message Switching Operations Network
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One day Samson was standing thus while Miss Nellie was playing her lesson to her music-teacher.
it was a bad business, a bad business;' then he quietly took the rein and led me to the stable; just at the door stood Samson.
In truth, he had awakened that morning from a sleep deep as annihilation; and during those first few moments in which the brain, like a Samson shaking himself, is trying its strength, he had some dim notion of an unusual nocturnal proceeding.
From the ceiling, foreshortened Allegory, in the person of one impossible Roman upside down, points with the arm of Samson (out of joint, and an odd one) obtrusively toward the window.
We passed by a picturesque old gothic ruin whose stone pavements had rung to the armed heels of many a valorous Crusader, and we rode through a piece of country which we were told once knew Samson as a citizen.
But when Samson seized her head, and pushed her under the knife with his foot, she cried out: 'Wait a moment
said Aramis; "then your grandfather must have been Samson himself.
the most notable knack at drugging the Samson of public joy and
The second poem was Samson Agonistes, which tells the tragic story of Samson in his blindness.
Then there was Mason of Bradford, and the notorious Muller, and Lefevre of Montpellier, and Samson of new Orleans.
Is there anything like David and Goliath and Samson in the Greek history?
and don't we see every day in the world many an honest Hercules at the apron-strings of Omphale, and great whiskered Samsons prostrate in Delilah's lap?