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SANADStandard and New Antiepileptic Drugs (UK)
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Mansour Al Balushi from Sanad Academy and Michael Rudolph from Dubai Civil Aviation Authority spoke about the rules and regulations of flying drones in the UAE; as well as, how to register the drones and get the licence through the Sanad Academy.
Moreover, the SANAD loan will provide the finances needed to allow Banque du Caire to pursue its target for developing and expanding its leading position in the MSME sector, in addition to increasing SANAD's outreach to Egyptian MSMEs and boosting job creation.
It was a wake-up call to regulate drone operations," said Mansour Al Blooshi, chairman, Sanad Academy and winner of the 'drone for good' award, 2017.
Dans la vague de la marocanisation, il decida, en 1975, de donner le nom SANAD a EMPIRE.
Byblos Bank is pleased with receiving this first loan, and is confident its relationship with SANAD will prosper in the coming years.
Presente lors d'une conference de presse tenue ce matin a Tunis, le rapport propose une analyse de phenomene de la torture en Tunisie sur la base d'un echantillon de 171 beneficiaires du programme SANAD entre 2013 et 2016.
Developer Sanad Capital has stated that its upcoming project will boast Australia's biggest wave pool, the world's largest interactive aqua-play structure, and the first slide-boarding area in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region.
In the first match, Busaiteen Youth Center are eyeing for a victory and hoping for a gift from Sanad Youth Center to be among the last-16 round.
Summary: Hassan Al Sanad was abducted by a masked gang on April 26 and freed on May 5 after paying 5 million pounds
Manama: Al Masria Universal Airlines, an Egyptian based carrier, has appointed Sanad Travel and Tourism as its general sales agent in Bahrain.
On the issue of the Sudanese traditional miners, Ambassador Sanad said that the two sides have discussed the importance issue of the necessity of respect to the laws of each of the two states, adding that the Egyptian side will shortly provide the Sudanese side with particular information about restoration of the Sudanese minors 'properties.
Summary: The SANAD Fund for MSME (SANAD) and Arab Tunisian Lease ("ATL") signed a five-year senior loan agreement for the equivalent of USD 5 million in Euros.