SANBSan Angelo National Bank (Texas)
SANBSuid-Afrikaanse Nasionale Bibliografie (Afrikaans: South-African National Bibliography)
SANBSanta Anna National Bank (Santa Anna, TX)
SANBSouth African Narcotics Bureau
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lt;<La SANB parle de la creation d'une province acadienne autonome>>, L'Evangeline, 27 avril 1976, p.
Like us, SANB prides itself on being a financial institution with genuine community values," said D.
SANB is a community bank designed to serve the banking needs of local residents and small-to medium-sized businesses.
SANB is growing quickly with plans to add 13 branch locations in San Antonio, the Rio Grande Valley, Laredo, and Houston.
By focusing on local communities that surround bank locations in diverse areas of our community, SANB offers a superior approach to relationship banking.
According to RoseAnn Julson, SANB Executive Vice President of Corporate Marketing and Communications, L-Avenue has a proven track record of delivering effective communication strategies and a high quality communication focus that will greatly contribute to SANB's overall development.
Currently, SANB has opened a number of branch locations in Texas -- three in San Antonio, one in Refugio, one in Edinburg and one in Laredo.