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SANDOSensory Ataxic Neuropathy, Dysarthria, and Ophthalmoparesis
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Jacques De Paep, the company director of sales and marketing, said, 'We are thrilled to open the Sandos Cancun Luxury Experience Resort, offering a boutique all-inclusive experience unlike anything currently available in Cancun.
Claiming to avoid past pro- or anti-Franciscan biases, Sandos argues that baptism in the California missions did not necessarily lead to conversion, since little or, in many early cases, virtually no required catechization took place.
Ironically, as Sandos concludes, the acquisition of Spanish may not have hastened the process of acculturation but may have served as a vehicle for the continuity of a Native identity.
Sandos goes into detailed and compelling arguments blaming European-transmitted syphilis as the main culprit in the decimation of the coastal Native population.
A registered investment adviser, Sandos recognized an opportunity where he says others in his field didn't bother to look -- among Denver's small businesses owned by Hispanic immigrants.
A lot of banks and financial organizations target established Hispanic-owned businesses," says Sandos.
Jacques DePaep, the compnay director of sales and marketing, said, 'At Sandos Caracol Eco Resort & Spa, our conservation program goes beyond environmentally-friendly activities.