SANETSensor-Actuator Network
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The system performance of a SANET should be examined based on the information of the TRB, including training sequence pattern, length of a symbol, number of symbols in the TRB, and so on.
Caption: Put on your swimming caps: Pictured with some of the swimmers at the handover of the sponsorship are, Sanet de Waal, Communication Practitioner: Stakeholder Engagement at Bank Windhoek, (seated on left) and Bettina Steffen, President of NASU (standing on right).
El resultado del trabajo de campo se organizo en una base de datos georreferenciada vinculada a un sistema de informacion geografica (ArcGis), lo que facilito el manejo de la informacion estadistica y cartografica, y su interfaz con Spatstat y SANET.
In the short time since we've taken over leasing at The Renaissance Studios, the address has really come into its own," said Sanet.
This was the fifth equipment package granted by DTI-Kalinga under the program this year, Aurora Sanet of DTI-Kalinga said.
com)-- Created by Sanet Soft, Funny Animals is a free educational app to enhance children's spatial reasoning -- an object's relationship to other objects and environment -- and language skills.
multi-media services and video surveillance), we employ the cognitive radio (CR) technique to support SANET opportunistically access other primary network's spectrum band.
Sanet Mohrmann, Key Accounts Manager of Total Namibia said at Wednesday's launch that the Total Tara Rally is the toughest event on the Namibian international calendar.
announced that senior managing director Barry Sanet has been named exclusive agent to market the showroom/offices at the Renaissance Studios at 130 West 57th Street, a mixed-use building located between Sixth and Seventh Avenues.
Fully developed or not, 16-year-old Sanet and Billy prepare for the birth of their baby.