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SAORSolano Association of Realtors (Vallejo, CA)
SAORSeminars on Algorithms in Operations Research (Japan)
SAORSmall Amplitude Oscillatory Rheology
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El incremento en la frecuencia de infecciones severas por SAOR y la aparicion de resistencia a glicopeptidos en estas cepas se ha constituido en un problema de significancia global, debido a la limitacion de las opciones terapeuticas que conlleva.
Tales of the Fiann are narratives about heroes of immense strength, as are stories about Boban Saor.
SAOR testing involves applying an oscillatory (sinusoidal) stress or strain and measuring the strain or stress responses.
Bellowhead were magnificent, Saor Patrol and Ruth Notman were fantastic and Tony Cox went down a storm.
The word saor (free), occurs twenty-one times as a means to define Gaelic elites, and signifies that the person or family was free from paying tribute to superiors.
Although the majority of the tales have male protagonists, they are often saved by females, as in "How the Son of Gobhaun Saor Sold the Sheepskin" (Power, 1936, p.
Such organizations were referred to as "Proscribed Organisations" under the various Northern Ireland (Emergency Provisions) Acts included the IRA, Cumann na mBan, Fianna na hEireann, the Red Hand Commando, Saor Eire, the UFF, the UVF, the INLA, the Irish People's Liberation Organisation, and the UDA.
The main dishes - also Venetian-inspired - include grilled fish in saor and baccala mantecato.
woman doctor" "women-doctors" saor cloiche saortha cloch craftsman stone-Gen.
The 2004 season also marks the return of the popular Festival of Nations, a five-week international multi-cultural celebration of music, dance, food and art from more than 10 exotic countries including Ireland's Ragus; Scotland's Saor Patrol; the Czech Republic's Valasek and Trehusk; and Germany's Thuringer and Zebra.