SAPACSexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center (University of Michigan)
SAPACSouth Asian Progressive Action Collective
SAPACSouth Australian Partnership for Advanced Computing
SAPACStudent Academic Petitions and Appeals Committee (California)
SAPACSmall Animal Practitioners Association of Chennai (India)
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The SAPAC was a pen-paper test and administered collectively in pre-scheduled physical education classes.
After reporting all the activities listed in the SAPAC, extra time was provided for the participants to recall and report the activities that were not listed in the SAPAC but engaged the previous day.
The SAPAC is a self-report measure of physical activity.
HBS and SAPAC were administered to the CATCH cohort only in grades six, seven, and eight in schools the students attended at that time.
A total of 3,400, eighth grade cohort students completed both the SAPAC questionnaire and the smoking questions in the HBS.