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The CEO and President of SAPCO said the first new vehicle will be lunched in the next two and half years.
With regard to the cooperation opportunities in country's parts manufacturing industry, Hossein Nazari Strategic Planning and Studies Director of SAPCO (IKCO Supplying Automotive Parts Company) focused on the electrical and electronic systems, power transmission, control and steering, safety, interior and exterior trims of car and said: "It is hoped that new form of cooperation will be made possible in the very near future between SAPCO and leading Spanish auto parts manufacturing companies.
Kondori also mentioned that IKCO in cooperation with SAPCO is going to upgrade TU5 engine, which will be produced this spring.
Accompanied by some of the auto part makers of its supply network, SAPCO - Iran-Khodro (IKCO) Supplying Automotive Parts Company -- took part in these 4 days of innovation and business contacts, following its successful presence in the last year's event.
All IKCO cars meet Euro IV standard while car production processes and part suppliers that are supervised by SAPCO have been upgraded to meet this standard," declared Hashem Yekehzare and added, "by doing so, fuel consumption and emissions of our cars have decreased by 5 to 7 percent and 35 to 50 percent respectively.
The existing potentials in IKCO, SAPCO and our part makers could all let us manage to pass the crisis.
SAPCO, however, feeds the assembly line with parts and components as dashboard, bumpers, lights and the like through its supply chain of Iranian part makers.
To conclude his remarks, the vice-president reiterated that IKCO is 90 percent self-sufficient in the production of TU5 fuel-efficient engines and is cooperating with SAPCO (Supplying Automotive Part Co.
IKCO and SAPCO are cooperating to reach 100 percent of self-sufficiency in this field.
SAPCO, the company that supplies parts and components for IKCO cooperates with 89 French, 69 German, 32 South Korean and 11 Italian companies.
SAPCO, Production Engineering, Trim Engineering and some other departments of IKCO have been working on this project.
According to the 13th Conference of Iran's Top 100 Companies report, SAPCO, IKCO's Supplying Automotive Parts Co.