SAPELStandards for Advanced Programs in Educational Leadership (Educational Leadership Constituent Council)
SAPELSpecial Action Project for the Elimination of Leprosy
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In spite of these successes in leprosy control apart from SAPEL initiatives in Sudan; Somalia and Yemen, there are few reports published about leprosy control activities for marginal or migrant workers in the region.
In some situations of migrant workers with leprosy or patients living in unstable areas or nomads vulnerable for frequent change of their residence, a self-supervised treatment in the form of blister packs must be given in enough quantities till the next MDT distribution points, a method used before in SAPEL initiatives in some EMR states like Yemen, Somalia and Sudan.
For instance in the period 1997 into the 2000s there were innumerable meetings of ILEP and LEAG which exclusively addressed the progress of the various LEC and SAPEL campaigns in various global settings and the challenge of reaching undetected leprosy patients in endemic regions.