SAPGSpecial Adviser to the Secretary-General on the Prevention of Genocide (UN)
SAPGSoftware Acquisition Process Group
SAPGSpecial Advisor for the Prevention of Genocide (UN)
SAPGSam Ace Plumbing Goods
SAPGSelf-Awareness and Personal Growth (education)
SAPGSalicylic Acid Phenolic Glucuronide
SAPGSecret Army of Pro Gamers (online gaming army)
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The centroid of this cluster was closest to that of Cluster I, but the individuals had higher scores on all five dimensions of the SAPG than did those in Cluster I, especially on the compulsive disorder dimension.
The scores on the financial consequences and social consequences dimensions of the SAPG in Cluster III were double those in Cluster I.
Compared with Cluster I, this group of players had much higher scores on the compulsive disorder and overexpectation dimensions of the SAPG.
They scored the highest of all the clusters on all five dimensions of the SAPG.
He said SAPG is the first perfume company to achieve ISO:9001 quality management certification and be awarded the Environmental Performance certificate from the Ministry of Environment and Water.
As we have established strong base in the UAE and Mena region, we have chalked out a plan to increase SAPG presence in international markets by opening more showrooms.
About the expansion in other Gulf and Middle East countries, he said that SAPG is proud to be a major exporter of "Made in the UAE" perfumes.
Each session of the SAPG focuses on a different aspect of the parent-child relationship, and how this affects a child's behaviour.
Session one of the SAPG includes an activity for parents to set their own goals.
The SAPG is run by community practitioners who have already received the two-day foundation training in the Solihull Approach, have practised it with families for a minimum of six months, have attended the one-day parenting facilitators training, and are then supervised throughout the 10-week group.
The SAPG facilitators manual (13) is a comprehensive resource guide including detailed directions for each session and resources, which may be photocopied.
We wanted to know if the SAPG could be robust and effective in this environment.