SASCOCSouth African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee
SASCOCSouth African Sports Commission and Olympic Committee
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SASCOC was established as a section 21-company (25) (non-profit organization).
Amongst the quite significant powers of SASCOC vis a vis national sports federations in the execution of their private governance functions in their respective sporting codes, is the power (through the organisation's National Executive Board) to inquire into the administrative and/or financial affairs of member federations and, where necessary, to recommend corrective measures in this regard (and even to make recommendations to take over the administrative and/or financial affairs of a member until such affairs are put on a satisfactory footing); as well as the power to award national colours to federations and sports persons.
In order to evaluate this process and the expected role of the new structure, it is necessary to first consider the nature of SASCOC as an entity within the regulatory system.
To this end, we welcome the partnership with Telkom, which will allow all South Africans to follow the progress of their sporting heroes," said SASCOC Chief Executive Officer Tubby Reddy.
As a starting point, it is necessary to engage with and increase the knowledge base of national federations, SASCOC, the National Department of Sport and Recreation, provincial departments of sport, and health care professionals.
With regard to resolving South Africa's crippling social needs SASCOC has pledged to unite and commit towards an improved system based upon the principles of equal opportunity, non racialism and non sexism for all persons.
S representative Tlali Tlali said : 'S's partnership with SASCOC shows our commitment towards promoting South Africa s professional sporting heroes.
SASCOC president Gideon Sam, said : 'The issue of travel is always a vital part of our planning and strategy here at SASCOC.
SASCOC Acting CEO, Vinesh Maharaj, added : 'We once again express our sincere gratitude to S for their magnanimous support.
CSA had proposed the new-look board of 11, which would include five independent members, while SASCOC wanted a larger representation from the cricket affiliates.
However, SASCOC chief executive Tubby Reddy had tried to ease down the situation, saying this was only the worst-case scenario.
Caster is an absolute role model for all sportsmen and women in South Africa," Sports24 quoted SASCOC president Gideon Sam, as saying.