SASFSouthern African Social Forum
SASFSemi-Autonomous Social Field
SASFSouth African Special Forces
SASFSouth Asian Sports Federation
SASFStars and Stripes Forever (patriotic American march)
SASFSouth Australian Soccer Federation
SASFStudent Athlete Scholarships Foundation (Delray Beach, Florida)
SASFSouth African Soccer Federation
SASFSalvation Army Student Fellowship
SASFSIDPERS Authorized Strength File
SASFStraight Anisotropic Single-Mode Fiber
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The instructors-who spoke English with a choppy South African accent-were Zulus, veteran soldiers who grew up in the bush and fought with the SASF in Angola in the early 1980s, Otfinoski said.
As Moore herself showed, the SASF concept is a particularly useful tool for providing insights into the ordering of social life in complex settings.
As any interaction between individuals can be analysed in terms of the SASF to which they belong, this heuristic device has been used to investigate a wide range of situations.
The problems faced by parties wishing to challenge entrenched patterns of accommodation and exchange attest to the strength of this SASF.
As we have seen, however, the priorities of forest pioneers, loggers and the district webs of power and interest coalescing around logging -- what we might identify as the SASF operating in Southeast Aceh -- were irreconcilable with those of wider user groups interested in non-extractive uses.
While the forestry field officers have been embedded in what we can identify as the SASF surrounding logging, their activities cannot be reduced to the interests of these networks.
The legal anthropological approach -- particularly Moore's SASF concept -- proved useful for exploring the case material, especially for understanding the often complex and contradictory relationships between normative orders that endeavour to control the same sets of relationships and activities.