SASGStudent Administrative Systems Subgroup
SASGSafety Analysis Software Group
SASGSystem Administration Scripting Guide
SASGSystem Architecture Study Group
SASGSeattle AIDS Support Group (Seattle, WA)
SASGStandardized Amiga Shareware Group
SASGStrong Arm Steady Gang (gaming clan)
SASGSteady As She Goes
SASGSystem Architecture Study Group (information technology community)
SASGStrategy, Architecture and Standards Group (system requirements compliance)
SASGSmoke Aerosol Steering Group
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SASG de Livera said the letter Minister Karunanayake had purportedly written to the then Governor Arjuna Mahendra had been newly created.
Stating that Minister Karunanayake was making statements instead of answering questions SASG de Livera requested the commission to warn him not to do so.
SASG de Livera submitted to the commission information pertaining to Minister Karunanayake's and Arjun Aloysius' travel to Singapore 13 times between September 2015 and April 2017.
SASG x ESTAB: A SAS program for computing genotype x environment stability statistics.
On the issue of the EEZ, it added: "The SASG has repeatedly underlined that the Republic of Cyprus has exactly the same right to declare an Exclusive Economic Zone as any other sovereign state, and that its rights in this regard should be fully respected by other states.
The groups represented at the protest included the SASG, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, the CACC, Foil Vedanta, South-West Against Nuclear, and Globalise Resistance.
SASG 2014 is a prestigious event for the regional energy industry and provides an ideal networking platform that helps us interact with top utility providers and energy professionals, in order to stay ahead of trends, as well as drive innovation and ideas.
During his visit to the island, the SASG will consult with the leaders on an appropriate date for their September meeting," the statement said.