SASRISouth African Sugarcane Research Institute
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Recognizing the considerable costs associated with nitrogen fertilizers, SASRI is eager to explore avenues that will deliver enhanced efficiencies for sugarcane farmers," said Carolyn Baker, director of SASRI.
A division of the South African Sugar Association based in Mount Edgecombe, KwaZulu-Natal, SASRI conducts research into the development of new sugarcane varieties and the improvement of crop management and farming systems for the long-term sustainability of the South African sugar industry.
Eldana saccharina was routinely reared at SASRI using an artificial diet based on that of Gillespie (1993), which was modified from that previously described by Graham & Conlong (1988), and had ferric citrate and formaldehyde removed (Table 1).
Funding and facilities for completing the research was provided by SASRI.
The authors would also like to thank Nelson Muthusamy, Victor Mathonsi and the staff of the SASRI insect rearing unit for their technical support and providing material for the research.
saccharina strain currently produced at the SASRI insect rearing unit is suitable for use in SIT-based projects.
We are sincerely grateful to staff at the SASRI Entomology department IRU for logistical support and providing all the insects used for these experiments.