SASSISubstance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory
SASSISalmon and Steelhead Stock Inventory
SASSISouth African Sustainable Seafood Initiative (est. 2004; World Wildlife Fund)
SASSISerendipity Aromatherapy Selection Software Interface
SASSIShort and Sweet Screening Instrument
SASSISubjective Assessment of Speech-System Interface
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SASSI Director General Dr Maria Sultan, however, raised a genuine question, saying that Pakistan had claimed 13.
A portion of the data in this literature is based on outdated versions of the SASSI.
SASSI has now received nearly pounds 5,000 in donations over the last 12 months, including money raised by Solihull Swimming Club in a sponsored swim and Solihull parent Patrick Lambert tackling the Three Peaks Challenge.
The SASSI is interpreted by using decision rules to do a configural analysis of the scores on the different subscales.
For the most part, the team members were able to alternate the use of the instruments so as not to introduce bias according to which clients took the SASSI and which took the ASI.
The results of this study suggest that the SASSI Institute can make a few minor changes to the SASSI-3 to increase the instrument's measurement properties, functioning, and ease of use.
Supplementary presentations on nuclear power in Pakistan and nuclear strategic stability in the South Asian region were given by Ibrahim Aleem and Khola Sayed, Research Fellows at SASSI, who explained that Pakistan is currently facing a power crisis and further development of nuclear energy can help bring the country out of this situation.
The original version of the instrument, the SASSI (G.
Maria Sultan, Chairperson and Director General SASSI University gave a welcome address in which she focused on the ever-evolving nature of terrorism in the world today.
After studying the available research on the SASSI, Feldstein and Miller (2007) concluded that SASSI's subtle scales did not add incremental validity over and above that which was gained from the face valid and obvious scales.
Research on the SASSI with individuals who have severe mental disorders and who are in criminal justice settings has shown it to be effective with both populations.