SAT9Stanford Achievement Test 9
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We are very excited about these SAT9 scores -- there is no doubt that Edison in Chester is on the move," said Dr.
Seventy percent of parents surveyed consider grades more important as a measure of academic performance than SAT9 scores.
Forty-nine percent of parents knew their child's SAT9 scores.
Only four in ten parents surveyed believe SAT9 scores are "extremely important" indicators of academic performance, and nearly half (49 percent) do not know what their child's SAT9 test scores are.
Nineteen percent of the respondents found SAT9 scores "not at all" or "not very" important, compared with 4 percent to 5 percent for the other categories.
The staffs in our Chester-Upland schools should be proud of the system-wide SAT9 gains, especially since they were made after last year's late start, with an adjustment to a new curriculum and extensive teacher training.