SATELSupport & Test Equipment List
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All SATEL radio modems fulfill the RoHS requirements.
SATEL is a wireless data communication specialist and one of the leading radio modem suppliers in the world.
PHOTO : The Tiger thermal sight for the Trigat Medium Range missile is being developed by the SATEL consortium (SAT, Thorn EMI and Eltro).
Cooperation with Ericsson during implementation of the Ethernet DSL network allows us to keep up with the constant progress and offer our clients full freedom when choosing the solution that corresponds best to their needs," says Roman Romanov, Deputy General Director of SATEL.
We are pleased to continue the relationship with the SATEL Company Group which has evolved over 6 years," says Eddie Ahman, President of Ericsson in Russia.
Uniting a number of enterprises operating in different telecommunications areas, the Russian company SATEL offers its clients entire spectrum of services in the field of development and realization of telecom projects.
DiviCom(R), a C-Cube Microsystems (Nasdaq: CUBE) subsidiary and the world's leading provider of open solutions for digital television, today announced that it has been selected to deploy its digital head-end solution for SATEL TV, a new Panama-based uplink facility that will provide direct-to-home (DTH) satellite television service throughout Latin America via PanAmSat.
SATEL TV's DTH system will transmit Chinese- and Spanish-language satellite television programming to as many as 20,000 homes the first year and eventually reach 100,000 subscribers throughout Latin America, home to about 1 million Chinese-speaking people.
DiviCom distinguished itself from other head-end suppliers with its superb video and audio quality and its exceptional ability to integrate with other systems," said Hector Chong, SATEL TV's General Manager.
In the coming months, Chong said SATEL plans to take advantage of the DiviCom head-end's expandability by more than doubling the DTH provider's channel count.