SATERNSalvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network (Amateur Radio)
SATERNSystem for Administration Training and Educational Resources for NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)
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Satern MN, Coleman MM, Matsakis MH, 1991, The effect of observational training on the frequency of skill-related feedback given by preservice teachers during two peer teaching experiences, KAHPERD Journal, 60 (2), 12-16.
Shots performed from long distances, also require greater impulse to propel the ball towards the basket (Miller and Bartlett, 1993, 1996; Satern, 1993; Walters et al.
Satern (1993) showed increased ball release velocity when shooting distance was increased.
200 A-MAX Notes:A Loki Weapons Systems AR-15 whit a 16-inch Satern barrel with an 8:1 twist was used for all testing.
Satern might get after me for saying this, but I have found the 6.
Polygonal (available from Pac-Nor with five grooves, designated 5P) and Russian canted land configurations (available from Rock, Bartlein, and Satern with five grooves, designated 5R) are supposed to stress jackets less than conventional rifling.
Luke Defrees had 14 points to lead Silverton, and Brent Satern scored 12 points.
SILVERTON (56) - Satern 19, Defrees 19, Roessler 9, A Martin 4, T Martin 3, Newsom 2, Day.
SILVERTON (69) - Anthony 18, Carr 12, Knudson 11, Peterson 10, Lesire 7, Theiss 3, Satern 8, Gerig, Andrews, Newsom, Littlefied, Roessler.