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SATNAVSatellite Navigation
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Drivers are unlikely to be pulled over if the satnav is on the windscreen, barring a ridiculous and obviously obstructive placement of the device.
FONTBURN RESERVOIR 01669 621368/ SatNav NE614PL 2223 anglers have caught 7496 trout to 6lb 4oz at a rod average of 3.
30am to find my car, which was parked on my drive, to have passenger window smashed and my satnav with stand taken.
A poll of 2,000 drivers revealed that 27% cite confusing directions as the most annoying aspect of satnavs.
It's better than the normal ones, my SatNav is my wife.
The latest TomTom GO satnavs are able to learn a driver's habits.
But Stephen Glaister of the RAC said: "When satnavs lead us down a dead end we need to know how to perform a three-point turn.
A greenkeeper later confirmed there had been a change to the road layout which had not been updated on most satnavs.
It's understood they picked up the hire car minutes before the alert, and the satnav was switched to "foot passenger" mode.
In addition more motorists now use sat navs than don't use them - 51 percent of UK drivers use a satnav while 42 percent of people driving with a map still get lost on a car journey and 24 percent of motorists relies on a map that is more than three years old,' he added.
Those who use satnav devices spend 22 percent of their time focused away from the road.
AN ARMY veteran is offering a pounds 1,000 reward for a stolen satnav worth just a fraction of the sum - because he wants to take a stand against crime.