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SATSStandard Attainment Tests (UK Education)
SATSSingapore Airport Terminal Services Ltd.
SATSStandard Army Training System
SATSShuttle Avionics Test System (US NASA)
SATSSouth African Theological Seminary
SATSStandard Automotive Tool Set (US DoD)
SATSSmall Applications Technology Satellite (US NASA)
SATSSmall Arms Training Simulator
SATSSmall Aircraft Transportation Systems
SATSSouth African Transport Services
SATSShort Airfield for Tactical Support
SATSSupply Asset Tracking System
SATSStulz Air Technology Systems, Inc. (Frederick, MD; heating and cooling products)
SATSSaturday at the Sea
SATSSouth American Theological Seminary
SATSShort Arm Thumb Spica (cast immobilizing thumb and wrist, extending to just below elbow)
SATSSupply Access Terminal System
SATSSouthwest Asia Transmission System
SATSStation Accommodation Test Set
SATSStandard Assets Tracking System
SATSSpecial Access Tracking System
SATSStandardized Automated Testing System
SATSStudent Awaiting Training Status (Air Force)
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Then the she-wolf rose, and they sprang together, striving to pull down him who sat above.
Then he ran home, shut the house-door, and sat down in his chair and worked.
They sat on a bench, the three of them, for the others had gone on, and while the girls talked in rapid German, Philip, indifferent to their proximity, feasted his eyes.
He saw the glittering palace, which by the pale rays of the moon looked like a dim lamp; and he saw the high windows, and round one of them a balcony in which the beautiful Princess sat lost in sad thoughts.
The period during which the governors sat in our chair was not very full of striking incidents.
There sat the two grown-up persons; grown-up, and yet children; children at least in heart; and it was summer-time; summer, glorious summer!
Little Annie dreamed she sat in her own garden, as she had often sat before, with angry feelings in her heart, and unkind words upon her lips.
Nicholas sat at some distance from Sonya, beside Julie Karagina, to whom he was again talking with the same involuntary smile.
I know," I answered them tenderly,--"I too, with you, have looked on better days, I too have been where bells have knoll'd to church, I too have sat at many a good man's feast,--yes
Toto sat at one end of this table with a bib tied around his neck and a silver platter to eat from.
The countess came in, sat down on the sofa, and she too asked after his wife and inquired about the concert.
These phases of the walk remained written on John's memory, each emphasised by the touch of that light hand on his arm; and behind all these aspects of the nocturnal city he saw, in his mind's-eye, a picture of the lighted drawing-room at home where he had sat talking with Flora; and his father, from the other end, had looked on with a kind and ironical smile.