SATTELSatellite Telemetry
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Bruce Edge of SATTEL Technologies describes the advantages of using Centura's RDM on the QNX RTOS for this application, "RDM contributed an important development advantage over the self-developed data management component used previously.
SATTEL Global Networks, headquartered in Chatsworth, California, designs, manufactures and installs carrier-quality satellite DAMA systems for international PSTN networks.
SATTEL builds satellite systems that deliver telephone and data services to remote areas of the world.
SATTEL is the world leader in advanced Demand Assignment Multiple Access (DAMA) technology for public telephone networks.
For more information on SATTEL Global Networks we invite you to log-on to our website at www.
SATTEL has signed a major ten-year joint operating agreement with OPTEL, S.
Under the new Agreement OPTEL and SATTEL will jointly implement and operate OPTEL's expanded rural satellite network that will serve up to 1,000 locations throughout the country.
In addition, SATTEL will provide domestic connectivity for the network through a new hub in Guatemala City, and carry international traffic for the network through its Los Angeles traffic hub and worldwide network.
Under the Agreement, CAPWIRE will install SATTEL satellite terminals at key locations in its nationwide network.
In addition, SATTEL will provide satellite bandwidth for CAPWIRE's network, and international traffic termination for the network through its Los Angeles traffic hub and worldwide carrier agreements.