SATUStatistics and Analysis of Trade Unit (UK)
SATUSpecial Anti-Terrorist Unit (authority in the Philippines)
SATUSoutheast Asia and Taiwan Universities
SATUSingapore Association of Trade Unions (est. 1961; Singapore)
SATUSouth African Teachers Union
SATUSpeaking across the University (University of Pennsylvania)
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Cheng-Hung Huang, executive secretary of SATU International Secretariat and vice president for international affairs at NCKU.
Huang also reported to the meeting the recent progress of SATU Presidents' Forum.
Since then, SATU has held biennial meetings to provide a venue for leaders of prominent universities in the region.
It is my hope that SATU will continue to serve as a platform for all University leaders to be able to come together and discuss issues of importance in our region.
A total of 71 international and domestic universities, including 3 universities from India, 5 universities from Indonesia, 5 universities from Malaysia, 7 universities from the Philippines, 1 university from Singapore, 6 universities from Thailand, 5 universities from Vietnam and 39 universities in Taiwan, have attended the SATU Presidents' Forum.
The 2010 Presidents' Forum of Southeast and South Asia and Taiwan Universities (2010 SATU Presidents' Forum), which is held on October 2nd and 3rd, aims to provide a venue for academics to share their valuable experiences to improve higher education and international cooperation in the region.
SATU conference has emerged once every two years as an important brainstorming platform for a large fraction of universities leaders from one of the most robust and rapidly developing regions of the world.
Senior Executive Vice-President Da-Hsuan Feng also mentioned, "To allow us to focus on the grand scenario, for this year's SATU conference, we have given the mission as follows: 'The next 10 Years: A Decade of Innovation, Advancement, and Sustainability.
Hence, the Secretariat of SATU Presidents' Forum, which includes divisions of Secretariat, Academic Exchange, Student Affairs, and Industry-Academia Collaboration, has been established at National Cheng Kung University to coordinate and to promote the related activities.
Lai, as well as the Chairman of SATU Presidents' Forum, attended together with Dr.
So the six years we can see SATU organization goes a long way, and has been sustainable and well-established supported along with all members.
Universities could collaborate with industry and share all the resources with other universities of SATU.