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SAUCStimulated Area under the Curve
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Four different profiles emerged in the material used to interpret SAUC phases and subjective quality of life as follows.
The data also have contributed to a deeper perspective on the theory of confirmation and the SAUC model for confirming nursing related to the classification for patients with positive SA and negative SA.
This study showed that patients' encounters with healthcare professionals could be interpreted with the SAUC model for confirming nursing.
The SAUC Phases in Confirming Encounters Related to Positive Consequences for Quality of Life Subjective Quality of Life Patients SAUC Life Environment Profile with Phases Plan Repertoire InternalExternal 1 -S-A S-phase X X A-phase 2 +S-A U-phase X X C-phase Table 4.
Application of the evaluation model to theory desciption of the SAUC model.