SBDQSupervisory Behavior Description Questionnaire (psychology)
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STRUCT: "Structure" adapted from Fleishman and Harris's (1957) SBDQ.
The full SBDQ was administered to 52 evening MBA students who were working at the time.
As discussed above, because the SBDQ and LOQ have been shown in earlier research to measure constructs that are inconsistent with the path-goal theories, data based on them were not included in analyses reported inTables 2 and 3.
Fisher and Edwards examined the relationships of leader behaviors with performance and satisfaction for the LBDQ, LBDQ-XII, SBDQ, and LOQ instruments as well as for the combined studies using all instruments.
Inthe present study, the credibility intervals for the relationships that involve the LBDQ and SBDQ instruments include zero.