SBDSShwachman-Bodian-Diamond Syndrome (gene)
SBDSService Bay Diagnostic System (Ford Motor Co.)
SBDSSymmetry Breaking During Search (computer science)
SBDSSimulation-Based Design System
SBDSSmall Bowel Displacement System
SBDSSustainable Business Development Services (Switzerland)
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Mutations in SBDS are associated with Shwachman-Diamond syndrome.
Novel SBDS mutations caused by gene conversion in Japanese patients with Shwachman-Diamond syndrome.
Structural and mutational analysis of the SBDS protein family.
With the new possibilities of configuration and calibres SBDS offers a variety of solutions.
These new technologies will allow KEMET customers to specify high-grade tantalum capacitors manufactured with the F-Tech process, utilize SBDS testing, or, for ultimate peace of mind, select both options.
The science and technology behind F-Tech and SBDS have been published in a number of peer-reviewed papers and presented at symposia in the US and Europe including CARTS, CMSE and ESA.
SBDS is a fully-owned company of Sb, located in Thun, Switzerland and organized within Sb s Business area Dynamics.
NLT and SBDS will make a world-class team given both companies prominent positions in their markets with superior products.